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Fall in love with Qingdao work and life story of foreigners in Qingdao Kerstin Kaehler: Qingdao makes my life fantastic

Fall in love with Qingdao work and life story of foreigners in Qingdao

Kerstin Kaehler: Qingdao makes my life fantastic

The 45-year-old Kerstin Kaehler is head of German Enterprise Centre Qingdao. This year is the 20th year for her to live in China, and she also lives in Qingdao for more than 2 years.

German Enterprise Centre Qingdao has 112 offices, covering an area of 15,000sqm. Kerstin and her team work to help German enterprises to settle in Qingdao and provide office space for them to rent. Now 12 German enterprises are doing business in the center. Kerstin helps them to approach China market, and offer services like recruitment and establishing factory.

In her memory, Qingdao left a deep impression to her at the first sight. Here is very much like cities in south German. Qingdao people are friendly and easy to get along with. Smile is on everyones face.In that year, she visited tourist sites like Zhanqiao pier and Badaguan in 3 days and left in a hurry.

After graduating from college in 1999, she went to Shanghai to work in the German Enterprise Centre Shanghai. In early October 2011, she visited Qingdao for one day with her parents. As more German companies want to develop market in China, business of the company increased sharply, a Qingdao company needs to be established. She prefers to be dispatched to Qingdao from Shanghai.

German Enterprise Centre is located right in Sino-German Eco-Park. Structure and level of the park basically formed in 2016, some German companies turned eyes to here, and Kerstins work pace accelerated. Until now, Fortune 500 Company like the Continental and 16 German invisible champion companies settled in the park. German National Treasury Julius Bluthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH and Siempelkamp, which enjoys an over 100-year history are included.

After a busy work in weekdays, Kerstin often goes to golden beach on weekends and stays in a favorite caf to spend quiet time, reading book, writing poem. She gets familiar with views and people here and eventually fell in love with them.

Once Kerstin return home by taxi and talked with the driver, after knowing she lived in China 20 years, the driver insisted to take her for free, and that really moved her. That man said, Thank you for devoting your most beautiful life here, in fact, I shall thank here, thank Qingdao. It is here that makes my life very fantastic, Kerstin smiled while saying. (Lu Bo)
[Kerstin spoke in fluent Chinese. By Lu Bo]


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